The Lamb Logo:

The Lamb represents renewal of life and sacrifice.   The Lamb is considered the cornerstone of civilization due to its kind, gentle, loving and trusting demeanor all while obeying their leader.  The sheep’s wool is the oldest known fiber used to clothe human beings. A Lamb is considered the resilient animal which can endure the harshest elements such as droughts, famines and etc.  These traits along many others is how we have established and built our brand on.

Do we only make garments out of wool and why the name LOVE YOUR WOOL?

The brand will use versatile fabrics and textiles during the production of products. The name LYW represents simply who we are as a company. We endure the toughest of times but continue to maintain the traits of the lamb.

The Logo:

The Lamb logo represents LYW in its purest form. We utilized the image in its original design and properties.  All garments are accompanied by special care instructions to insure you are a LYW customer for life.

Care Instructions:

Each washable garments logo will be made of polyester felt; which at the touch has a solid wool texture.

The logo on hand washed or dry cleaned garments will be made of 100% wool or a wool blend.

LOVE YOUR WOOL is a brand of quality and integrity we have taken on the responsibility to produce prestige garments that places us above our competition.